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To evaluate the exact winning percentage between two Texas Hold'em starting hands, it is necessary to iterate through all 1,712,304 permutations of board cards. My version, working on a 2.67 Ghz laptop, evaluates 23 million 7-card hands per second, which is in line with the fastest versions described on the internet.

The entire project is available as a Github repository.

To get this speed, I use lookup tables and bitwise operations wherever possible. Most of all, I avoid loops and data transfer within the innermost loop. The diagram below illustrates how bitwise operators detect a straight, using a bitfield to represent the card ranks.

Is this a straight?

Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.
& (r << 1)AKQJT9876543
& (r << 2)AKQJT987654
& (r << 3)AKQJT98765
& (r << 4)AKQJT9876
9 - high straight


For selecting a range of starting hands, poker programs typically use a grid like the one below. As a first foray into Windows GUI programming, I enjoyed using resource editors, message handlers, etc. To build this window, though, I went a step further and used a custom-drawn list box, to get centered text (list boxes usually left-align text) and the 3-color scheme.

I also have an online version using jQuery.